You are never too young to have a creaky body! And most of us find that the aging process takes its toll on joints and muscles. Contrary to popular opinion, yoga isn’t just for those lucky few who can bend themselves into a pretzel. It’s for everyone seeking to find more room in their bodies, minds and spirits--more room for movement, more room for peace and serenity, and more room for delight and play. It’s for those who want tighter abs or looser hips and shoulders, as well as those who just want some relief from the normal aches and pains and stresses of
daily life.

Yoga with its roots in ancient India, has been around in various forms for four thousand years, and has been enjoying renewed interest and popularity for the past forty years. Ancient yet thoroughly modern, Yoga studios are getting as ubiquitous as Starbucks, although fifty years ago, yoga was only taught on a one-to-one basis.

I invite you to come practice yoga with me. I offer classes which are gentle and challenging. Sounds like a contradiction? Come find out! You will get stronger, looser and lighter. You will experience the serenity of profound relaxation. And you will thank yourself for giving yourself the gift of yoga. There is a benefit in studying intensively with one yoga teacher. I recommend taking two classes a week if possible.

Your practice will develop quickly!

Class Fees
  • $15 / class
  • $70 / montly unlimited
  • $75 private session
slow and steady wins the race